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L i a t  S h a k e d

C  r  E  a  T  I v  E


Then you must GO WILD

In our Digital World, you must be Super Bold and Extra Creative in order to stand out from the competitors.

That is why we've created the wild design style, which is a non-boundaries design that pops out and give you an advantage over your competitors. 


wild websites cannot be ignored, they are remembered and no one can remain indifferent to them.

We believe that every website must have this wild element, that is why we've written the 10 commandments below

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In the meantime, don't forget to   BE CREATIVE!

Our 10 Commandments
for Designing
a Wild Website

  1. First and Foremost - You must be familiar with the rules of designing a website in order to bend them

  2. Although it’s wild your website must meet UX & UI rules

  3. Use your imagination with no boundaries

  4. Be Creative

  5. Do Not copy other websites

  6. Be sure the colors you use get along together, most people don’t like to be irritated  

  7. A wise man once said that “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” (A. Einstein). You must enjoy the process 

  8. In every project, design the most beautiful site you have ever seen

  9. Your site must have the WOW factor

  10. Prepare a full site plan before you start designing. It will save you precious time later

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