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The Smile Eraser

Or 2020 Get Lost!

It's been a while since I've written here, almost a whole year. But hey, what a year it was, right?

In 2020, the world became a Global Village, when the universe has made us all participants in a Giant Historic Experiment, called "The Corona Virus".

The Experiment shut us in our homes and towns. We were forced to question our existence, and ask questions about what we are actually doing here.

Each and every one of us got a chance to look deeply inside themselves and calculate her/his steps for the New Future.

The world as we knew it has been changed. The Virus has created a large and yet small distance between us. You might ask how can a distance be large and small at the same time. And I would answer that the distance between us has grown tremendously, physically, while at the same time, the virtual world has brought us all together and turned the world into a giant Global Village.

We are also forced