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So the world is shut down. The world is shut down and we can't open it. Or may I ask, could we ever?

Could we ever open the world? Could we ever control the world? As much as I'd like to say that we, the human race, can do anything, you and I know that it is not true.

I am the type of person who can't say no whenever something challenges me, I am too proud or should I say afraid to admit that I am not a know-it-all person, because actually no one is. We are doomed to face this unconvenient true, that no one knows everything.

However, this virus has caught us unprepared. We, the mighty creatures, who prima facie control the world, are actually inferior. We are inferior in this planet and it's time we all face it before it is too late.

Is it too late? The nature is calling us to hurry up. The nature is fed up with our megalomania. So, the nature put us in place. And instead of listening to nature we try to fight it once again. The world is facing a mega catastrohe and all we can think of is how we are going to pay the bills next month. The world is shut down and we care about toilet paper.

This little virus is killing us, maybe not in the flesh (at least not all of us) but definitely in our minds. And it's time we pay attention to nature, because in a few months from now, if the world still exists, we will be facing a new reality and we must be well prepared for that.

We must be humble and face the rather shocking true: we are not in control. We have never been.


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